Products and Plans

If you’re not sure what you need, read the detailed requirements and setup instructions here. <PubML>® is not desktop software. You must have a working copy of WordPress installed on a web server to use the <PubML>® Publishing Tools.

1. Download the <PubML>® Publishing Tools WordPress Plugin Here. The Plugin is Free.

The <PubML>® WordPress Plugin is free to download and install. It’s fully functional except for preview, export, and embed.

Download PubML

Get in early at a special price ($20 off) and get more time. Your one-year subscription period won’t start until the release version is finalized. Your Basic License allows you to export, preview, or embed up to 12 eBooks. Perfect for self-publishers managing a small catalog of books.

As soon as the release version is finalized, a variety of subscription and setup plans will accommodate publishers of all sizes and abilities.

Your subscription allows you to export, preview, and embed <PubML>® and ePub eBooks by accessing our <PubML>® EBook Rendering server. If your subscription lapses, your existing eBooks will remain fully functional. Optional renewal will allow you to publish edits and updates, and to re-export old books with new features we plan to introduce in upcoming versions of the plugin.