EBooks for Readers

The current trend in eBook development is to create “digital magazines” where photos, videos, and interactive content are embedded directly in the page. <PubML>® does allow you to embed images and video into your pages but this approach creates an enormous amount of clutter.

Popular mythology says people no longer like to read, but <PubML>® eBooks appeal to the silent majority who do. Open a <PubML>® book to see elegantly rendered text containing two kinds of links:

  • Click on a link with a dashed underline to access photo footnotes. Unlike paper books, footnotes can be attached to any word or phrase, as frequently as you like. If you read the footnote for “port and starboard” in chapter 1 and forget the difference when you come across it in chapter 4, click again.
  • Click on a link with a solid underline. An overlay pops up with thumbnails that link to images, Google Maps, and YouTube videos. Embed online media without bloating the file size of your book.

Include rich media and footnotes without adding clutter. Readers who don’t want to see your underlined links can easily switch them off.

<PubML>® — EBooks for people who love to read!