<PubML> eBook format, publishing tools, publishing guidance

The <PubML>® eBook format brings classic book typography and reflowable eBook text to any web browser. Add photos, videos, and maps without adding file size or clutter. Add Photo Footnotes and tabbed information panels. <PubML>® eBooks require no databases or server interaction; read online or offline.
Publish your own eBook in <PubML>® or ePub format. Intuitive, visual tools make eBook design a snap. Use the built-in settings to create beautiful books or create your own custom layouts and styles. Tools are available as a WordPress plug-in. Publish inside a powerful author promotion platform.
Learn about book cover design and typography. Read about predatory publishers and resolve the debate over how many spaces to type after a period. Improve your writing by searching out style problems. The World’s Greatest Book offers education, inspiration, and straight talk about publishing.