Get Started (Detailed Instructions)

If terms like “WordPress,” “plugins,” and “digital publishing” make you feel like a visitor from another planet, don’t worry; you won’t need a computer science degree to make your own eBooks. We offer a variety of startup packages for publishers of all skill levels.

Step 1. Get a WordPress Website.

To use the <PubML>® tools, you’ll need a copy of WordPress hosted on the web. You can use your WordPress site strictly as a publishing platform or you can use it to build an author site and blog to publicize your offerings. WordPress is free, and easy to learn and use. It’s the the platform of choice for almost 80 million websites. (You’re looking at a WordPress website right now.)

WordPress comes in two flavors: a free version that you can’t customize very much, and a free version that you can install on a web server. This means that instead of installing the software on your computer, you’ll install it in a password-protected place on the web where it will be available to you anywhere there’s a live Internet connection. The <PubML>® Publishing Tools will not work with

After over a decade of positive experiences, we recommend Liquid Web for hosting. When you need support, someone will quickly take your call and speak to you in English instead of technobabble. Get a free domain name ( with your hosting order. (Almost any web host will work. Ask if they support WordPress).

The standard shared hosting plan (cheapest) is more than sufficient to meet the needs of most writers and publishers. And if you find the WordPress quick install utility difficult or confusing, set up an account and purchase our complete install package.

Why are we referring potentially lucrative hosting business to a third party? As a small company, we’re not prepared to handle server support calls, and if you lost your book data to a server problem or a hacker, we’d feel terrible. Better to let the experts handle support and security.

Get a Liquid Web Hosting Account Here.
Liquid Web Fully Managed Web Hosting

Step 2. Get the <PubML>® Publishing Tools Plugin.

Once you have WordPress running, download the <PubML>® Publishing Tools HERE.

Select Plugins > Add New from the WordPress admin menu (on the left side of your screen). Click the “Upload” tab at the top, select the zip file you just downloaded and then click “Install.”

Once installation is complete, click the “activate” link. A <PubML>® section will appear in the list of WordPress sections on the left.

Step 3. Try Before You Buy.

Experiment with the tools and sample chapters. Build and save your book with the free download. Play with custom styles, text formatting, and added images. Create Photo Footnotes and add maps, images, and video. You can do anything with the unlicensed plugin except export or embed a finished eBook.

Step 4. Publish!

Purchase a registration code to unlock eBook export and embed capabilities. All other features and access to updates are always available whether your subscription is active or not.

A one-year license to use the <PubML>® tools for up to 12 books costs $100 (Get it for $80 during the Public Beta period). If your subscription expires, your existing books will remain viewable and exportable. You will never be forced to resubscribe every year unless you wish to continue exporting or embedding new books and revisions.