Author Pitch: The Blue Monk by Dave Bricker

Most ebook formats feel like they’ve been designed and coded by someone who’s never read an eBook, let alone written one. Not only has Dave Bricker written novels and a memoir, The Blue Monk, but he has published them on his own platform. In this week’s Author Pitch, he tells us about what he’s done that warranted chronicling and how that changed the way he lives his life.

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PubML™ Publishing Tools Make EBooks Easy – May 27, 2014: The PubML® eBook plat­form com­bines a web-based eBook for­mat with book design guid­ance and pub­lish­ing exper­tise. EBook pub­lish­ing is no longer a chore or an insur­mount­able tech­ni­cal chal­lenge. PubML’s® holis­tic approach edu­cates, empow­ers, and inspires writ­ers and publishers.

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Introducing PubML™ — a New Web-Based EBook Format

The PubML® eBook for­mat (Publishing with HTML) enables beau­ti­ful, rich media eBooks to be deliv­ered where they should be—through your web browser. PubML® eBooks com­bine ele­gant typog­ra­phy with reflow­able, pag­i­nated text, and they offer a “third stream” alter­na­tive to pro­pri­etary book­stores and pro­pri­etary eReader devices.

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<PubML>™: A New Approach to Electronic Publishing Brings Enhanced EBooks to the Web

David Stiefel
2655 LeJeune Road Coral Gables, FL 33134

MIAMI, May 15, 2014 – A re-envisioned publishing platform is positioned to radically change eBook publishing by empowering authors to write, design, and sell books on the open web. Readers enjoy an enhanced viewing experience, free of limitations imposed by eReader devices.

<PubML>® has three components: a web-based eBook platform, a suite of over-the-top publishing tools, and an educational resource that covers writing, publishing, and book design. David Bricker, a Miami-based web developer, graphic designer, educator, and author, created <PubML>® based on his experiences with publishing, traditional book design, and web design. His new platform offers elegant typography, rich media, and direct access to readers. <PubML>® bypasses the traditional “middlemen” associated with eBook production, sales, and distribution.

“<PubML>® is the organic foods section of the publishing marketplace,’” Bricker says. “It empowers writers and publishers to produce their own beautiful, engaging, rich media eBooks, and sell them directly to readers.”

<PubML>®’s publishing tools also export to ePub, the standard eBook format used by popular eBookstores. “Publishers naturally want to offer books through traditional vendors. <PubML>® offers an affordable, easy-to-use solution for producing quality eBooks.” Continue reading