Freedom of Expression

dave_brickerThe Internet is the single greatest thing ever to happen to Freedom of Speech and Expression. Any homeless person can walk into a public library, sign up for a free web hosting account, and share his manifesto with the world. Around the globe, people on the street share photos and information that complements “official stories” and “sponsored media” to help us “read between the lines.” No such “street level view” exists for eBooks.

EBooks never worked well in the web browser before <PubML>®. Readers want pages—not scrollbars. Proprietary eReader devices and eBookstores evolved to serve the demand for reflowable, paginated media—a great development—but a “third stream” option is required to complement commercial solutions.

The introduction of a web-based platform is an important step toward democratizing paged media. The <PubML>® eBook platform is open-source and free to the world (though your content remains yours). <PubML>® eBooks are about options, not competition. Though most publishers continue to distribute books through traditional channels, they are no longer required to.

No censors. No middlemen. No contracts. <PubML>® is true “independent publishing.”

—Dave Bricker