Traditional eBooks

ePubLogoThe <PubML>® tools offer an excellent solution for traditional eBook publishing. Create beautiful ePub eBooks and upload them to your favorite eBookstore for viewing on traditional eReader devices.

We can’t help it of eReaders don’t consistently support features like web fonts, maps, hosted content, and video; that’s why we created <PubML>® eBooks. But traditional eBooks are an important part of contemporary publishing. Our intuitive visual tools make it easy for you to create your own beautiful ePub2 eBooks for a lot less than it costs to have your manuscript converted by an offshore contractor.

The images below show an ePub file exported from the <PubML>® Publishing Tools. Though the appearance varies widely from one eReader to another (this is the nature of eReaders—not the nature of ePub files exported  from the <PubML>® Publishing Tools), text is well-formatted and images embedded in pages appear within the eBook.